BeaconPlus Changes

This page lists changes for the Beacon+ implementation of the “Beacon” genomics API.

2021-04-30: Closing in on Beacon v2

As one of the drivers of the Beacon protocol and to drive the Beacon v2 protocol process we have now started the documentation of Beacon v2 endpoints which are supported in Progenetix as part of the implementations-v2 project:

2020-10-01: Moving to bycon powered BeaconPlus

We’ve changed the Beacon backend to the bycon code base. The new project’s codebase is accessible through the bycon project. Contributions welcome!

#### 2019-09-30: Using the BeaconAlleleResponses parameter

So far the Beacon+ implementation did not make use of the BeaconAlleleResponses parameter though it is required by the protocol, but instad always interpreted requests as with the ALL parameter.


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