Citation & Licensing

Citation of the Progenetix and arrayMap resources

Cite Progenetix

For any use of theProgenetix data, e.g. as a reference for aberration frequencies in a certain locus, it is necessary to cite both the website and the original Bioinformatics publication:

There is now a publication describing the database’s current status. This can be used in addition to or as replacement for the 2001 publication:

In case of citation restrictions, you may just use the Bioinformatics citation, and put the website in the text. A proper citation would look e.g. like:

... according to the Progenetix resource ([1];, copy number ...

… and in the citations:

Cite arrayMap

For arrayMap data, the same rules apply: Citation of the article and the website:


Academic Users

The Progenetix resources are licensed under a Creative Commons License “Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-SA 4.0)” model. In brief, data can be used as long as it is attributed to the source, and as long as the data is shared under the same conditions.

For academic users and private individuals, the general access and “fair use” of the Progenetix and arrayMap websites is not restricted beyond the CC BY-SA model, and does not require permission and/or login. Please use proper references when [[ProgenetixCitation][citing the resources]].

Commercial Use

Users who cannot comply with the CC BY model, or who want to ensure legal compatibility with our data use conditions, should contact Michael Baudis if they use our data or tools for any commercial activity (e.g. pharmacogenomic target gene evaluation). Processing of the licensing fees will be handled through the University of Zurich.

Extended Use and Collaborations

We are always open for requests to support data analysis and/or online presentation using our website tools. Users (both academic and commercial) should contact us if

Michael Baudis, 2018-05-11