API::api.cgi Perl Code Documentation

API syntax

The query elements are ordered in the URL

  1. api
    • fixed, required; i.e. the request has to start with /api/
  2. database (parameter apidb)
    • mostly “progenetix”
  3. collection (apiscope)
  4. method (apimethod)
    • see examples/documentation below
  5. filters (filters)
    • essentially query parameters in a simplified format
    • comma-concatenated
    • can also be omitted for query string
  6. output parameter (apioutput)
    • optional
  7. query string
    • optional
    • can be used for any parameter; e.g. a query can be formatted completely as standard query string:
      • progenetix.org/api/?apidb=progenetix&apiscope=publications ...

API Examples

ICD mappings

The icdmaps collection reflects data from the “ICDontologies” project which provides mappings between ICD-O 3 Morphology & Topography codes and the NCIt cancer core codes.

Publication data
Data subsets