BeaconPlusServer::beaconinfo.cgi Perl Code Documentation

The “beaconinfo.cgi” server application serves tw main functions

  1. Called w/o parameters, it will return a standard Beacon information object.
  2. Provided with
    • datasetIds (optional)
    • querytext
    • querytype (optional) it will return information about the matched identifiers from the collection(s) selected through datasetIds.

The counts for the collections (variants, biosamples etc.) of the different datasets are retrieved from the daily updated progenetix.dbstats collection.

For the non-parametrized call of the application, just the basic information including variant counts is returned.

If the request contains an “ontologies” or “details” keyword, information about the existing ontologies are provided, per dataset.

TODO: This may either be deprecated (since an alternative exists in /api/), or be specified more clearly in the future, depending also on the development of the Beacon v2 “filters” concept.