Linking - (deprecated))

Old style linking has been deprecated - please follow the API information!

Most of the information below is outdated and only available for historic reasons.

Links to Progenetix should always use the base "", never specific IP-addresses (which are bound to change). Also, many pages/image files may become moved or renamed. Below are some notes.

1. Locus Score

 lists entities with a gain involving 1p36
 1=gain, -1=loss, 9=any
 one can use GP annotation (e.g. chr2:15,998,134-16,004,580:1 fuer MYCN)

Values/ranking is calculated on the fly per case (we could use a score matrix, but then we would be limited to defined intervals).

2. ICD-O entities

... can be linked directly; e.g.
will link to ICD-O 8490/3 (Signet ring cell carcinoma).As well,

link to the respective plots in web (PNG) and print (PDF) format.

3. PMIDs

... etc. However, there are many information pages for publications without available data/plots, e.g.

4. Loci

... e.g. links to Larynx. However, although the codes are based on ICD locus topography, the code selection is a bit arbitrary and follows the amount of available data (e.g. most soft tissue tumors are mapped to "connective and soft tissue" instead of specific loci - upper arm, ...).

5. Clinical entities

... are defined as mix of ICD-O entities and locus (e.g. any carcinoma of the breast tissue => "Ca.: breast ca."). Since the annotation may change, one shouldn't use hard links to these.