Bycon Services

The bycon environment provides a number of data services which make use of resources in the Progenetix environment. Please refer to their specific documentation. and URL Mapping

The service URL format is a shorthand for

The services application deparses a request URI and calls the respective script. The functionality is combined with the correct configuration of a rewrite in the server configuration:

RewriteRule     "^/services(.*)"     /cgi-bin/bycon/services/$1      [PT]

Callback handling

The JSON response (see below) will be wrapped in a callback function if a callback parameter is provided e.g. for Ajax functionality.

Response formats

Standard responses are provided as Content-Type: application/json. The wrapper format, as defined in the cofigurartion (config/config.yaml) provides a data root parameter:

  parameters: { }
  data: { }
  errors: [ ]
  warnings: [ ]

This (incomplete) example response may help with understanding the general format. Here, the data is a dictionary/object with a single key (genes):

Request Example
Response Example
    "parameters": {
        "assemblyId": "GRCh38",
        "geneId": "CDKN2A"
    "data": {
        "genes": [
                "cds_end_max": 21994330,
                "cds_start_min": 21968228,
                "gene_entrez_id": 1029,
                "gene_symbol": "CDKN2A",
                "reference_name": "9"
                "cds_end_max": 183447426,
                "cds_start_min": 183444797,
                "gene_entrez_id": 55602,
                "gene_symbol": "CDKN2AIP",
                "reference_name": "4"
                "cds_end_max": 134411853,
                "cds_start_min": 134402914,
                "gene_entrez_id": 91368,
                "gene_symbol": "CDKN2AIPNL",
                "reference_name": "5"
    "errors": [],
    "warnings": []


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