API Examples


Gain/loss frequency chromosomal ideogram

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pgx Namespace

Since July 2017, the Progenetix project has a registered namespace prefix at EBI’s Miriam and

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NCIt Coding

Please see also the ICDOntoologies mapping project.

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ICD-O 3 Coding

ICD coding of tumor samples

The Progenetix and arrayMap resources use the coding schemas of the _International Classification of Diseases in Oncology__ (3rd edition; “ICD-O 3”), to classify all biosamples for which experimental data is available. ou can get a list of all ICD-O 3 codes through the Progenetix API.

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R Integration

Progenetix API and R

With the ability to access the status matrix directly, one easily can import the data into an R data frame:

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Genome Coordinates

Gene Lists and Coordinates in Progenetix and arrayMap

For gene coordinates, we use a mapping of the genes’ maximum CDR as derived from mapping resources.

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Coordinate use for Beacon Queries

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Generating a publication statistics plot using the Progenetix API

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