Welcome to the Progenetix documentation pages

The Progenetix code repository contains projects related to the Progenetix and arrayMap genome resources, such as data conversion scripts, ontology mappings and code for the Beacon+ project.

Some Projects

Beacon+ code

The Beacon+ environment provides both a genome “Beacon” interface (HTML & JS), as well as the compatible, Perl & MongoDB based backend. The code is deployed by us e.g. the Beacon+ feature test implementation.


CURIE Prefix Remapping - NCIT & PMID

Wherever possible, data annotation in Progenetix uses {S}[B] OntologyClass objects for categorical values, with CURIEs as id values. So far, the Progenetix databases had used pubmed: for PubMed identifiers and ncit: for NCI Metathesaurus (Neoplasm) ids.

@mbaudis 2020-03-30: more ...

Support or Contact

For requests & support, please use standard Github procedures such as pull requests or issues, or contact the developers.